20 Year old Girl Becomes Boy After ‘Corrective’ Surgery

Buner: A 20 year old girl has turned out to be a boy after a corrective surgery in Buner district of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa.

“A local social worker Syed Farooq took the girl named Rabia d/o Mir Mohammad Shahjin, resident of Ghazi Khane area of the district, to a local clinic after she did not mature even at the age of 20… Dr Alina Parkash, a local leady doctor, informed them that she was not a girl, but a boy,” a Pakistani Urdu Daily Naibaat reports.

“The leady doctor took the girl to his senior doctor Sher Bahadur who formed a medical team which operated the girl free of cost.”

“After an operation, the hidden organs were brought out and Ms Rabia became Mr Umair,” the report added.

“A large number of people visited the medical center and felicitated the family of Mr Umair (Rabia),” the report said. “The family is very happy and also arranged a Aftaar party after having a new son.”

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