2017 Raiwind Tablighi Ijtema – Live Bayan, Schedule

Raiwind: The Raiwind International Tableeghi Ijtima 2017 2nd phase has been start today. All arrangements for preparing Ijtima are completed.

The 2nd phase of annual tablighi ijtima 2017 will be start on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (November 9, 10, 11, 12). Raiwind Tablighi Ijtima is totally consisting of four days. Molana will be there at this occasion. Raiwind Tableeghi Ijtema 2017 Listen / Watch Live Audio / Video Streaming.

Health Department will install 8 beds hospital and 6 medical camps. Railway Police will make sure the security of special Ijtima Trains. Pakistan railway will launch Special Train Service on this occasion.

Participants from home and abroad will attend the Ijtima.

Hazraaat From Pakistan :-

* Muhtram Haji Abdul Wahab Sahab
* Ustad e Muhtram Maulana Naz ur Rehman Sahab
* Ustad e Muhtram Maulana Ehsan ul haq Sahab
* Muhtram Maulana Muhammad Ahmad Bahwalpuri
* Ustad e Muhtram Maulana Muhammad Jameel Sahab
* Ustad-e-Muhtram Maulana Abdul Rehman Sahab
* Ustad e Muhtram Mufti Mazz Sahab
* Ustad-e-Muhtram Maulana Muhammad Ramzan Sahab
* Ustad e Muhtram Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab
* Ustad-e-Muhtram Zia ur rehman Sahab
* Ustad e Muhtram Maulana Khursheed sahab Sahab
* Ustad-e-Muhtram Maulana Fahim Sahab
* Ustad e muhtram Maulana Ahmed Battla Sahab
* Mufti Habib Ullah Sahab
* Muhtram Bakht Muneeer sahab
and Many Others

Hazraaat from Nizam ud Din India :-

* Hazrat Muhtram Maulana Ibrahim Sahab
* Muhtram Hazrat Maulana Ahmed laat Sahab
* Hazrat Muhtram Mufti Younis Palanpuri
* Muhtram Hazrat Maulana Ismaeel Sahab
* Muhtram Maulana Yaqoob Sahab
* Hazrat Muhtram Maulana Shokat Sahab
* Muhtram Hazrat Maulana Omer Mewati Sahab
* Hazrat Muhtram Abdul Rehman Sahab
* Muhtram Hazrat Zuhair ul hasan Sahab
* Hazrat Muhtram Maulana Jamshed Sahab
* Hazrat Muhtram Mufti Shahzad Sahab
* Muhtram Hazrat Maulana yaseeen Sahab
* Muhtram bhai Farooq sahab
* Hazrat Muhtram Noor Muhammad Sahab
* Muhtram Hazrat Qari Saifulla Sahab
* Hazrat Muhtram Dr Fateh Sahab
* Muhtram Prof Khaild Sahab
* Muhtram Prof Sana ullah Sahab

Hazrat From Bangladesh:-

* Muhtram Qari Zubair Sahab
* Hazrat Maulana Rabel ul Haq Sahab
* Muhteram bhai wasif ul islam Sahab
* Muhtram Bhai Abdul Rehman Sahab
* Muhteram Bhai Kaleeem Sahab


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