Act for Internet Cafes Monitoring & Regulations in Punjab

The Punjab Government is going to forward a bill “Net Café Regulations Act” for internet cafes regulations and monitoring. It will be presented after consultation before the announcement of budget 2012.It was finalized in December 2011 but because of disagreement on some points it was not presented. The Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Shehbaz Sharif ordered the regulation of internet café. Which is implemented to monitor the internet café in Lahore and other parts of Punjab?

In the Net cafes the cabin is not allowed and the existing cabins will be removed. Simple tables will be placed openly. You have to provide CNIC and the owner of Net café must maintain the record of the customer. If the any kind of misuse detected the culpable will be owner. The timing o internet café will be from 8 am to 10 pm.

Some main points are not included in the bill e.g. some café provide Sheesha to attract the customer and make them stay long. It is harmful for youth.

Pakistan is an Islamic country but according to the research Pakistan is topped the list of countries using search engine for inappropriate keywords last 2 years. Lahore was the top 10 cities where the word sex was searched in 2011.

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