Actress Meera Secret Marriage With Naveed Exposed

Meera Secret Marriage Scandal With Naveed Exposed Video

Lahore (January 8, 2014 ): Meera video scandal is gaining popularity and it is not more than a fake video. The popularity is just making the actress notorious in the eyes of people. The father in law of Meera says the video of Meera is not original and people have been spreading it to defame her daughter.

The video is found on almost all the videos websites and a large number of Pakistanis have been googling it with “Meera Scandal“. The Pakistani actress is legally married to Captain Naveed.

Meera video is not more than a scandal. These types of rumors spread after every few months. It is also thought that these videos are uploaded by the victim itself to gain popularity.

Dunya News has aired the copy of Meera’s Nikah Nama (Marriage Bond) to the viewers but the actress still denies any sort of engagement with Captain Naveed.

Film star Meera is trying to hide her marriage after getting lot of money from her husband.Watch Pakistani and Indian Film Star Meera Marriage Dispute Exclusive Video.

Rumours of the couple’s possible marriage first began circulating in February 2012, when Meera’s family reportedly accepted Naveed’s proposal.

The groom’s family said the plan was to hold off public announcement of the wedding until 2014, when both parties would host a proper wedding ceremony complete with festivities.

The bride, however, denied news of the ‘nikkah‘ released today, and told Express News that she was completely focused on her hospital for now.



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