Arij Fatyma engagement Complete Pictures

Arij Fatyma Wedding Engagement Pictures - Photos (14)

Arij Fatyma (Arij Fatima ) got engaged to Faraz on 2nd January 2014 on Thursday. Arij Fatyma gets engaged tonight we wish her all the happiness in her life Congratulations to the beautiful couple. It was a very private ceremony with only close friends and relatives attending. Ayeza Khan also attended the engagement party. Shw was looking stunning in black traditional outfit.

Arij Fatyma Wedding Engagement Pictures - Photos (8)

Arij started her career as a model and actress in 2012, in less than 2 years she has become one of the most popular actress and model. She has endorsed many major brands such as Cerelac, Cadbury perk, Jazz, Bonanza, and many more. Arij’s most popular dramas include Humnasheen, Woh, and Meri Beti. Have a look at the pictures of Arij Fatyma and Ayeza Khan.

Stay tuned for more Exclusive pictures. Wedding Pictures Coming Soon..

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