Boxer Amir Khan Scandal with Christie Lee Hoyle Pics Leaked

Boxer Aamir Khan and Christie Lee Hoyle Scandal Picutures (2)

Boxer Amir Khan Caught with His New Girl Friend on Camera:

Pakistani British Boxer Amir Khan has been caught by British Newspaper “The Sun” with a British Model Christie Lee Hoyle.

It is quite mandatory to tell here that this is not the first time Amir Khan has been caught in a scandal. He was involved in the Skype sex scandal and he apologized for that.

This is a very bad time for this to happen as only less than a week ago Amir Khan was told by Faryal Makhdoom who is the wife of Amir Khan, that she is expecting a baby girl. Right after the news, this happened.

Amir Khan and her wife rejected this scandal and denied the news about all the published pictures. They said that these pictures are fake.

Watch Now Boxer Amir Khan Scandal Video

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