Celebs with mental disorders: Lock up the crazy

KARACHI: Whether it’s your annoying co-worker who has an obsessive need to assert power or your freaky neighbor who spies at you through her window every night, its seems these days, ‘the crazies’ have invaded our world. According to the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, almost 78 per cent of people are suffering from some kind of psychological disorder. With so many loco people around us, it’s the normal 22 per cent who start feeling ‘crazy’. But when it comes to celebrities, who are faced with persistent pressure and incredible media scrutiny, it is absolutely impossible to stay sane. And sometimes, it’s their kookoo-ness that makes them famous.

Lindsay Lohan/OJ Simpson/Mike Tyson — Sociopaths

Sociopaths have an inability to empathise and have no conscience. They can brutally torture and kill without feeling an ounce of remorse. OJ Simpson, who callously killed his ex wife and then wrote about it in his book If I did it and Mike Tyson, who bit off someone’s ear and allegedly raped are prime examples of sociopaths. Sociopaths have a total disregard for the law and are fearless — traits demonstrated best by Lindsay Lohan who has been involved in theft, high speed car chases, rehab stints and drug abuse.

Angelina Jolie — Bipolar Disorder

One year she’s kissing her brother on the lips and the next year she is creating her own little army of coloured kids — Angelina Jolie, is full of contradictions. Bipolars shift their moods from manic highs to depressive lows. There is a lot of self destructiveness and impulsiveness exhibited in all their relationships. Her partner Brad Pitt has suffered the brunt of her craziness as his physical appearance and career have gone downhill. She’s played an integral role in breaking up Brad Pitt’s marriage to Jennifer Aniston. The first manic or depressive episode occurs in early adulthood and Jolie was absolutely koo koo in her younger days. However, she has reined it her bipolarity and tries to portray normalcy with her excessive love for her kids and Brad Pitt.

Charlie Sheen and John Mayer — Narcissism

Narcissism may seem harmless and even charming from afar but it has destructive repercussions. Narcissists have delusions of grandiosity and are obsessed with themselves. Charlie Sheen and John Mayer’s verbal diahorrea, in the form of interviews and tweets, and their inability to commit is a testimony to their disorder. John Mayer has likened his genitals to a white supremacist, saying he doesn’t think he “opens himself” to black women. On the other hand, Sheen says things like: “I am on a drug. It’s called Charlie Sheen. It’s not available. If you try it once, you will die. Your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body.”

Veena Malik — Exhibitionism/Pathological Liar

An exhibitionist has an extreme desire or compulsion to publically expose parts of their body and is thrilled if their expose shocks or scares people — a response Veena achieved with her FHM nude photo shoot. Exhibitionists have a strong sense of guilt; they usually deny the episode ever took place which may parlay into pathological lying. A pathological liar always provides stories which have some element of truth. The liar sticks to his story until he is caught.

Meera — Attention Seeking Behaviour/ Language disorder

There is no doubt that most things she says, whether it’s her leaving Bollywood and turning a new leaf, attention is what she craves. This is commonly demonstrated by children. Additionally, her tweets, “I love to come in Holland” and “I think I still have the jet leg” can be traced back to her language disorder. Such people have a difficult time with syntax, morphology and semantics of language.


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