CM Punjab Government Distributes Free Laptops to Students, Now sold Online

CM Punjab Students Free Laptops Sold OnlineA report  has revealed that laptops handed out under the e-Youth Initiative program are now allegedly being sold on, a website used by buyers and sellers in Pakistan.

A quick search shows sellers pitching their wares stating that the laptop is from the Youth Initiative program and is being sold Rs8,000 to Rs10,000 lower than the market price. Users have also suggested that bargaining can bring the price down.

It has also been revealed that some machines are available at Hafeez Center in Lahore at a much lower price. Laptops are reportedly being sold for Rs20,000 and lower than market prices.

The provincial government has so far distributed thousands of laptops in different cities. Students have also complained that laptops are not being distributed on merit.

The Lahore High Court (LHC) recently directed the convener of the Youth Development Program investigate whether the laptops being distributed at Government University College (GCU) were on the basis of personal liking or merit.

Asghar Javed, a student of MPhil (Urdu) at GCU, filed a petition on Monday claiming that the laptops being distributed as a part of the program initiated by Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif were not based on merit.

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