Election 2013: PTI Tabdeeli Razakar Program

PTI Tabdeeli Razakar Program

Imran Khan Message for Naya Pakistan Tabdeeli Razakar of PTI

How to become Tabdeeli Razakar

Naya Pakistan Tabdeeli Razakar Requirement for District Team Leader;

If you want to help change the country, PTI needs you..
PTI requires organizers in every district of Pakistan to monitor the training of largest election day volunteer force in the history of Pakistan. Eligible candidate must meet the following criteria:
1) Bachelors Qualification
2) Ability to speak to audience (prior training/teaching experience is preferred).
3) Ability to coordinate and manage teams of volunteers
4) Proficiency in Urdu and any local language
5) Able to dedicate 3-4 weeks of full time volunteer work for PTI for travel within the district.

The selected candidates will be invited for training by the top leadership of PTI and given responsibility to train and monitor volunteers at a district level.

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