Engagement Gift Wrist Watch of Meera’s Fiance Stolen

Meera engagement gift Wrist Watch StolenLAHORE: Just days after accepting the marriage proposal of Pakistani-American Naveed Shahzad, film actor Meera was robbed of a wrist-watch worth two million rupees which she had purchased for her fiancé to be as a gift on their engagement.

A duty officer at the B-Section Police Station said on Tuesday that an application had been filed on behalf of the actor, stating that the watch had been stolen from her house in Lahore.

Meera had planned to gift the watch to Shahzad on the day of their engagement. They plan on getting married by the end of this year.

“We’re going to start an investigation from her house, as first impression is that it might be an inside job,” the police official told PPI.

Meera’s parents on Sunday accepted the proposal of a Pakistani-American airline captain, Naveed Shehzad, who is also the actor’s family friend.

Meera had recently announced her retirement from the Pakistan film industry in an interview, and said that she wants to work on a new image of herself by working with productions outside the Lollywood circle.

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