Free at last: Pakistani Scientist Dr Khalil Chishty released from Ajmer Jail

Dr Khalil Chishty released fron Indian JailAJMER SHARIF: The 80-year-old ailing Pakistani scientist Dr Mohammed Khalil Chishti, who was granted bail by Indian Supreme Court on Monday in a two-decade-old murder case, has been released from jail Ajmer today, Indian media reported.
Dr Chishti, who is serving life term after his conviction in January last year, was granted bail by the Supreme Court on humanitarian grounds but the order is yet to be received by the trial court.
“We will go to the fast track court tomorrow after the order is received,” Jamil Chishti, brother of Dr Khalil Chishti, said on Tuesday.
“After furnishing the bail bond, we will go to the jail to welcome my brother,” he said. “My brother got some relief after a long battle. He is ailing and lodged in the jail hospital. Now, we will be able to take care of his health properly at home,” Jamil, who is a Khadim in dargarh of Khawaja Moinuddin Chishti in Ajmer, said.
Jamil said their prayers to the Sufi saint have finally been addressed.

A microbiologist by profession, Dr Chishti had come from Pakistan to visit his ailing mother in Ajmer in 1992 when he got embroiled in a dispute and, in the melee, one of his neighbors was shot dead while his nephew got injured.

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Murder case

Chishty’s brother Jamil said the murder took place when some members of their clan, with whom the family had a property dispute, jumped onto the roof of their home to attack them. A fight broke out on the rooftop and one of the attackers, Idris, was killed.

Chishty was arrested with three of his cousins but the family claims the virologist was not at the scene when the shots were fired.

At the apex court, defence lawyer Uday Lalit had cited how his client had been convicted along with some others after being drawn into a free fight, and that witnesses had not attributed any specific act to him. The Rajasthan government opposed bail citing, among other things, that Chishty was a foreigner.

Earlier, Rajasthan High Court had rejected Chishty’s appeal against his conviction and declined to show leniency on the grounds of his age and foreign nationality Pakistani Prisoners

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