Google+ Gets a Beautiful New Look

Google announced that the users of it’s social networking platform Google+ are going to get redesigned and fresh look. Now users of Google+ can have much better and customized social experience. Google+ has gained more than 170 million users since it’s launch and this overhaul is expected to have done to attract rapid new upgradations. Now users can see a lot of new options to share in Search, Gmail, Youtube and lot of other places.

the first thing you’ll notice on the left is a new ribbon that houses all the key features of Google+. You can hover over them to access additional functions, move them around or put them into ‘More’ if you don’t use them very often.

Next you will notice that your conversation stream has changed a bit. The photos and videos appear a lot bigger than before and there is also a new album viewer. On the right side is a trending list, à la Twitter, to keep a tab of the topics being discussed on Google+. There is a separate Explore section on the side for you to check out all the popular and trending posts on Google+.

The Hangout option has also been refreshed. Videos and  photos  appear a lot bigger than before and conversation stream has changed a bit. The chat box has been moved to the right side of the screen and your profile page has been updated and now you can have Facebook Timeline style large cover photo.

Google is rolling out this update to everyone and it should take some time to arrive if it hasn’t already.

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