Indian girl travels to Pak with fake passport to meet ‘lover’

پاکستانی لڑکے کے عشق میں مبتلا بھارتی لڑکی جعلی پاسپورٹ بناکر پاکستان آگئی

Indian girl arrested at Lahore airport for the sake of love

A love story between an Indian girl and a Pakistani boy reached its culmination point at the Lahore Airport on Friday when the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) arrested the girl for traveling with a fake Pakistani passport, a private news channel reported.

According to initial details, the girl Nagita Ramesh belongs to Indian Gujrat and claimed that she has accepted Islam after falling in love with Multan’s Azhar Iqbal on a social media website and wanted to meet him at all costs.

FIA has deported the girl to Doha after informing Indian High Commission, Foreign Office and other related departments.

She told investigation officers that she “fell in love” with Azhar after interacting with him on social media. She also said she had converted to Islam.

The passport she was travelling with identified her as Nimra.

Investigators also interrogated Azhar, who had come to the airport to receive her, before allowing him to return to Multan.

Asked why the woman was not arrested, the immigration official said, “As per the law, we cannot arrest her. We deport all persons who come in with fake papers.”

Indian officials in Islamabad said they were yet to be officially informed about the matter.

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