Karachi: Taliban Releases Video of CID Office DHA Suicide Bomb Attack

CID SSP Karachi Ch.Aslam attack videoKarachi: In a chilling reminder to the threat posed by home-grown militants of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), the media wing of the terrorist outfit has released a confessional video, showing in detail how the suicide bomb attack on the Crime Investigation Department (CID) office was planned and executed on November 11, 2010. A new video released on Tuesday, claims that the attack was the work of Fidayeens of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).

A double-cabin vehicle had detonated outside Central Investigation Department Senior Superintendent (CID SSP) Chaudhry Aslam’s residence destroying his house. This, according to the video, was a step in fighting against a “tyranny in which Pakistan is first and foremost.”

The attack, which killed eight people, including a school teacher and her son, was for long believed to have been a suicide car bomb carried out by militants linked to the deadly TTP who have attacked law enforcement agencies in similar attacks in other parts of the country.

The video released by the Taliban on Tuesday shows a man, claiming to be the suicide bomber sitting next to a laptop computer under a banner reading “Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, Karachi Chapter”. He claims in the video that that the attack was a premeditated assault.
CID Attack Karachi Video Part 1 :

 CID Attack Karachi Video Part 2 :

The alleged suicide bomber says that Pakistan, which was intended to be a country for the ‘pure’, is now ruled by those who are ‘impure’. That the rulers of Pakistan are foremost in spreading tyranny of the Kuffar (disbelievers).

“The name Pakistan has ‘Paak‘ (clean/pure) in it but its ‘napaak’ (impure) rulers actions have even stunned the Kuffar,” he says in Urdu with the Taliban poster on his back, a laptop, a pistol and what seems to be a copy of the Quran on a small table sitting next to him.

A long black frizzled beard interrupting, and at times being the arresting the attention of his right hand, which moves incessantly throughout the video, the potential suicide bomber says, “The rulers are without honour and enemies of religion [Islam]. They work day and night to serve the Kuffar. On the instructions of Kuffar they massacre Muslims. Apart from ‘martyring Qurans’, they have been destroying mosques as well.”

One can hear the sound of traffic outside the small room in which he seems to be sitting, it does not stop him from continuing “They have been selling our mothers and sisters to the Kuffars in exchange for dollars. [in audible] We have had enough of their tyranny.”

“Everywhere you look they are trying to wipe out the Muslim race and way of life, and Pakistan is first and foremost in this.”

He then announces his intentions, “So friends, I have decided to fight back against this tyranny, starting with Pakistan. Just as Fidayeen Islam have shaken the up foundations of Pakistan, I too would etch my name in history, and tear into them and their anti-Islam plans with pieces of my body.”

The video then continues to show him sitting at the wheel of a car allegedly filled with explosives. He says, “I pray to Allah that I receive Jannat for my acts.”

Speaking in Pushto this time, with Urdu subtitles below, he says, “I’m leaving to hit the target in order to receive Allah’s pleasure; the car is filled with explosives, and now I am going to my target.”

The video then shows a still image of Chaudhry Aslam’s house and a drive-by video of the house before ending.

Displaying his resolve, SSP Aslam said that the Taliban cannot deter him by releasing such videos. “I vow that I won’t let them attack the mosques and imambargahs till the last drop of my blood.”

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