Kareena Kapoor Looks Like a Fat Aunty: Kamal Rashid Khan

Kareena Kapoor has been getting a lot of flak about her weight ever since the IPL opening ceremony and now the latest one to take a dig at the Heroine is actor-producer Kamaal R Khan who has called her “a fat aunty.”

Kamaal, who is known for being in awe of Bipasha Basu for her assets, has said that Kareena looks like an aunty.

KRK tweeted, “My God Kareena Kapoor is looking like a aunty(sic).”

This tweet came post Kareena Kapoor’s performance at the opening ceremony of the Indian Premier League season 5, held in Chennai on April 3. The talented actress, who seems to have piled some kilos is looking a lot fuller now hence KRK’s comment.
Wonder how Saif will react to this comment.

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