Lala Textiles Latest Vintage Lawn Collection 2012 For Eid

Stunning Vintage Eid Lawn Collection 2012 For Women By Lala Textiles -7

Lala Textiles will be introducing their new high-end brand ‘VINTAGE by Lala’ through the nation wide launch of its first collection, celebrating the festivity of the upcoming Eid.  Lala Textiles are into the market since 1947 but they started their retail label in 1972 and it’s been years Lala fashion continues to provide quality material through custom prints at every season and every occasions. Each ‘VINTAGE’ suit will come with a selection of chicken embroidery panels, sequined embroidery borders and embroidered necklines making this collection suitable for trendier daywear and more formal evening wear. In this collection Mostly long to medium length shirts, A-line outfits or frocks, Shalwar Kameez are included with churidar pajama are included. The feature model for Lala textiles Eid collection 2012 is hot and beautiful Mehreen Syed. She carried all Eid dresses with full style and elegance. These summer Eid prints by Lala textiles are available all over the Pakistan.

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