Local Govt Elections New Schedule For Sindh & Punjab by ECP

Islamabad 8th January 2014 : The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) proposed new dates for holding Local Bodies/Govet (LB) polls before the Supreme Court on Wednesday.Election Commision of Pakistan

During proceedings of the delimitations case, the ECP stated that LB elections in Punjab and Sindh should be delayed as time was required for the printing of ballot papers. The ECP recommended that LB polls in Sindh should be held on February 23 and in Punjab on March 13, 2014.
Local Bodies elections in Sindh had been scheduled to take place on January 18 in Sindh and on the 30th of the month in Punjab.

In Punjab Local Bodies Polling Proposed by ECP:: 13th March, 2014

In Sindh Local Bodies Polls Proposed by ECP :: 23rd February 2014

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