Malala named for Nobel Peace prize 2013

malala-yousafzai-2ISLAMABAD: Members of Norways’ Parliament from the ruling Labour Party, Fredy de Ruiter, Gorm Kjernli and Magne Rommetveit, have submitted the name of Malala Yousufzai to the Norwegian Nobel Committee that awards the Nobel Peace Prize.The Labour Party’s website described Malala Yousufzai as “a Pakistani pupil and blogger who attained global fame when she was shot in the head by Taliban in October for criticising the militant group on her blog”.Malala was “engaged in children’s specially girl’s right to education”, the website said.

The group of Norwegian MPs recommended that “Malala receive the Nobel Peace Prize 2013 for her courageous fight for girl’s right to education, her commitment seemed so threatening to extreme forces that they chose to kill her”.The MPs said that her story “has made great impression on people all over the world. She represents a young generation that uses social media to get their message about girls’ rights and equal opportunities across”.

They believed that Malala was “a worthy winner for many reasons. She has become an important symbol in the fight against destructive forces that want to prevent democracy, equality and human rights”.Since the Nobel Peace Prize Committee is elected by the Norwegian Parliament, nomination of Malala by Norwegian MPs is significant and could influence the decision of the Committee.

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