MQM Leader Altaf Hussain Arrested in London

mqm chief altaf hussain arrested

Police in London have arrested the leader of Pakistan’s powerful MQM party, Altaf Hussain, on suspicion of money-laundering.

Altaf Hussain was arrested from his home situated in North West London in accusation of money laundering case after recovery of 7 Lakh pounds from his home and office.

Hussain’s arrestment was made by counter-terrorism unit of the law enforcement agency of London today, whereas, his home was sealed by the London police.

Unofficial sources said that the British authorities have seized Altaf Hussain’s passport and restricted him to leave United Kingdom.

Altaf Hussain has been shifted to police station while London Police confirmed the transfer of arrested person.

Altaf Hussain Arrested in London Video

Altaf Hussain Arrested in London Video 2

London Police and agencies were holding investigation against Altaf Hussain in three cases including money laundering, controversial speeches from London and Imran Farooq murder case.

On the other hand, British High Commission clarified that London Police is an independent department which is out of governmental influences.

The commission spokesperson confirmed closure of the department due to security concerns in Karachi while anti-terrorism force has been deployed in the British High Commission.

Earlier, London police made arrestment of MQM’s senior member Imbisat Malick in a case linked with money-laundering while he was working on the post of Co-ordination Committee in London.

Malick was also sentenced to 21-month imprisonment on January 24 of this year over founding him guilty in mortgage fraud case at the Isleworth Crown Court.

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