NA-243 Karachi Candidates List, Results Election 2013

Election 1

Election 2013 List of NA-243 Karachi candidates has been given below and Result of election 2013 NA- will uploaded as soon as possible.

NA 243 Karachi Areas

North Karachi
New Karachi
Ajmair Nagri
Surjani Town

Candidates of NA 243 Karachi Contesting Elections 2013

MQM Abdul Waseem
ANP Muhammad Aslam
PTI Zahid Hussain Hashmi
JI Syed Muhammad Iqbal

Sindh Assembly/Constituency

PS-98 Karachi

PS-99 Karachi

NA-243 Karachi-V Result Elections 2008

Zafar Ahmed Siddiqui Advocate           PPP         22147
Abdul Waseem                                  MQM        167764
Farah Awan Advocate                         PML-N       1862

PS-98 Karachi-X Result Elections 2008

Dr. Muhammad Nasir Khan                  PPP           3711
Muhammed Moin Khan                       MQM               95168

PS-99 Karachi-XI Result Elections 2008

Khawaja Izhar-ul-Hasan                   MQM               76880
Sohail Sami Dehlvi                       PPP           3503

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