NA-81 Faisalabad Candidates List, Results Election 2013

election 2013

Election 2013 List of NA-81 Faisalabad candidates has been given below and Result of election 2013 NA- will uploaded as soon as possible. Provide the information about Names of all candidates , their party affiliation and their votes in general election 2013 of Pakistan.

NA 81 Faisalabad Areas

Pensaira, Funepura, Dhandara and Chak 57.

NA 81 Faisalabad Candidates 2013 Elections:

PML-N: Dr. Nisar Akbar Khan

PTI: Jahanzeb Imtiaz Gill


JI: Eng; Azeem Randhwa

Punjab Assembly Seats/Constituencies

PP-63 Faisalabad-XIII
PP-64 Faisalabad-XIV

NA-81 Faisalabad-VII Result Elections 2013

Saeed Iqbal                               Pakistan Peoples Party                      65322
Doctor Nisar Ahmad Jat                     Pakistan Muslim League             55646
Nisar Akbar Khan                          Pakistan Muslim League (N)            23305

PP-63 Faisalabad-XIII Result Elections 2008

Muhammad Ajmal                         Pakistan Muslim League                  29413
Aftab Ahmed Khan                       Pakistan Peoples Party                    28958
Dr.Muhammad Yaseen                     Pakistan Muslim League (N)          12017

PP-64 Faisalabad-XIV Result Elections 2008

Zafar Iqbal Nagra                      Pakistan Muslim League (N)                  32635
Jehanzeb Imtiaz Gill                   Pakistan Peoples Party                       27261
Ch. Khalid Saddique Dhillon            Pakistan Muslim League                  12328

NA 81 Faisalabad 2002 Election Result:

In 2002 general elections, NA 81 Faisalabad contest was mainly between PPP and PMLQ in which PPP candidate Dr. Nisar Ahmad won after a tough contest.

Complete result of NA 81 Faisalabad for 2002 election is given below:

Dr Nisar Ahmad (PPP)                                                  58855 Votes

Chaudhry Talib Hussain (PMLQ)                                 51125 Votes

Muhammad Shehbaz Kasana (PMLN)                       9974 Votes

Chaudhry Bashir Randhawa (National Alliance)      4460 Votes

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