PML-N Gujrat Candidates List for Election 2013


PML-N declared the party ticket holder/candidates names of National Assembly and Provincial Assembly for Gujrat district.

NA-104 Gujrat-I Nawalwada Mazhar Ali
NA-105 Ch. Mubashir Hussain
NA-106 Ch. Jaffar lqbal
NA-107 Ch. Maid Raza

PP-108 Nawalazada Haider Mehdi
PP-109 Major (R) Moeen Nawaz Warraich
PP-110 Raza Ali Warraich
PP-111 Haji Imran Zafar
PP-112 Ch. Muhammad Ashraf
PP-113 Mian Tariq Mehmood
PP-114 Muhammad Hanif Malik
PP-115 Ch. Shabir Ahmed

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