Prime Minister Free Energy Saver Programme 2013

Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is launching another campaign for reduction of electric power load-shedding.

Prime Minister Energy Saver Program has been launched to provide two energy saver to every home in Pakistan. This is being considered a step towards elimination of Load Shedding.

30 Million Energy Saver will be distributed throughout Pakistan in Prime Minister Energy Saver Program and 1000 M Watt energy will be saved.

According to power experts one ordinary bulb consume 4 times electricity than energy saver.

One tingston bulb power = 100 watts

one energy saver bulb power = 23 watts

4 energy saver bulb consume power = 4 x 23 = 92 watts

Prime Minister Energy Saver Program 2013

The Energy Saver Provided through Prime Minister Energy Saver Program 2013 will carry a warranty for the period of 2 years and will save Rs. 1600 annually in Electricity Bill.


  1. asalam alikum sir mai 9th mai parhti hun mai apse reqt karti hun k mujhe parhai ka ki sceolaship de den plzzz mai apki shukar guhra hun sir plzz meri madat karen mai abi or parthna chachti hun

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