Ramazan Special Show: Astaghfar with Veena Malik on Hero TV

Pakistani film star and controversial personality of showbiz Veena Malik will be seen hosting a Ramadan special show Astaghfar for Hero TV.

People in Pakistan have criticised this decision of Hero TV to hire Veena Malik for Ramazan transmission and on different webistes people have demanded to ban this program. Most of the people are of the view that controveials actor like Veena Should not host programs related to Ramazan as it will spark controversy in Pakistan.

Many people have also said that PEMRA must take notice of this and people like Veena Malik must not be allowed to host shows related to Ramazan and if they go on air than the disciplinary measures must be taken against the channels.

As Maya Khan on ARY Digital/QTV, Dr. Aamir Liaqat on Geo TV and Our real Hero Shahid Afridi on Express News/Express Entertainment will be hosting Ramazan Show. Since everyone know about Maya Khan. Aamir Liaqat and Veena Malik’s characters & scandals but for sure Shahid Afridi will win everyone’s heart & will be great choice to watch on TV this Ramazan.

What is your point of View about Veena or Maya hosting Ramazan Show.

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