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Raja Bazar Rawalpindi Incident Pictures and Video

Rawalpindi Pakistan:: 10th Muharram 2013 Pictures, Photos & Videos of Fawara Chowk Raja Bazar Rawalpindi Incident Yume Ashura 2013 Rawalpindi Incident Pictures and Videos – dated 15th November 2013 Madrasa Jamia Taleem ul Quran Rawalpindi Burn and firing details Incident Pictures, Photos & Videos, About curfew in Rawalpindi Pakistan Current Affairs News and online media courage. Complete Gallery:: Madrisa Jamia ... Read More »

Rawalpindi Pakistan Religion Sectarian Clashes Pictures & Video

Rawalpindi (18 November, 2013) : The City District Government Rawalpindi on Sunday extended the curfew enforced in city for another 24 hours as it is feared that violence could erupt again after the burial of persons killed during Friday clash at Raja Bazaar here in Rawalpindi. Rawalpindi Firing Video:: The violence erupted as Shia Muslims staged a procession marking the ... Read More »

Rawalpindi Curfew Latest Updates Videos and Live Courage

Rawalpindi (16th November, 2013): Curfew has been imposed in Rawalpindi after violent clashes between two groups left at least 11-Eleven people dead in Raja Bazar area and over 50 injured on Friday as worshippers massed to mourn the seventh century martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA). Latest Pictures Rawalpindi Curfew and Army Controlled:: Now Rawalpini is under control of Pakistan ... Read More »