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Mahnoor Baloch To Perform In Hollywood Movie “Torn”

Where many Pakistani celebrities are heading to Bollywood, the most breathtaking Pakistani diva Mahnoor Baloch has got the ticket to Hollywood. Mahnoor Baloch is known for her beautiful face and excellent performance in number of Pakistani drama serials. She earned fame at a very young age and proved herself in both acting and modeling. Owing to her talent, Mahnoor Baloch ... Read More »

Zero Dark Thirty: Usama Bin Laden’s death story

The real-life, top-secret story behind the hunt for Osama bin Laden is coming to the big screen courtesy of The Hurt Locker director Kathryn Bigelow, and we have a first look at the film’s teaser trailer. “Zero Dark Thirty” is an American action thriller film about the special operations forces mission that kill Osama bin Laden. Director of the film ... Read More »