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Online Raiwind Tablighi Ijtima 2016, Live Bayan

The annual Raiwind Tableeghi Ijtema 2016 has been scheduled from 3rd November to 6th November (Part I) at Lahore, Multan, Peshawar and Quetta and from 10th November to 13th November, 2016 (Part II) at Karachi, Faisalabad Dera Islamil Khan& Swat. The Ijtema has been divided into two sessions as the large gathering is not possible at the designated area in ... Read More »

Annual Raiwind Tablighi Ijtima 2015 Online

tablighi ijtima, raiwind 2015 bayan, dua, schedule, raiwind ijtema part 1st, tablighi ijtima, raiwind, tablighi ijtima 2015, tablighi ijtima raiwind 2015, tablighi ijtima raiwind 2015 bayan, tablighi ijtima raiwind 2015 dua, tablighi ijtima raiwind 2015 live, tablighi ijtima raiwind 2015 schedule, islam, date days Baynaat detail of 1st part of Raiwaind Ijtema 2015: 5th Nov :- Asar Bayan: Maulana Nazr ... Read More »