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Punjab Youth Internship Program 2014 Criteria Online Registration

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Punjab Youth HelpLine Toll Free Number – 080012145

Government of Punjab, Youth Affairs Department has launched Punjab Youth Helpline to provide counseling services to youth regarding emotional, psychological, reproductive health, educational and career related issues. Toll – Free # 0800-12145 PYHL is a specialized telephonic counseling service that provides an effective way to listen to and counsel callers, disseminate information, any one can call us to share his/her ... Read More »

PM’s Youth Training Programme 2013-14 for Student

Prime Minister has lunched six different schemes for youth of Pakistan. Among these schemes 2nd one is Youth Training Scheme 2013-14. Government grant for this scheme is 4 billion rupees in 2013-14 budget. Number of interns will 50,000 and stipend will be 10,000 for 12 months. Prime Minister Youth Training/ internships Scheme 2013 Brief description Aimed at training the educated ... Read More »

Prime Minister Launches Six Programe 2013-14 for Youth

Prime minister of Pakistan launches “” for the youngsters of this country. This youth program will help the poor and talented students to earn good opportunities of employment, acquiring skills needed for the job, job training and use of computers. This youth program will ultimately lead to the development of economy of Pakistan. Those students who cannot avail educational opportunities ... Read More »