Utility Stores Ramazan Package 2016 Price List

Islamabad – Pakistan : Ramazan Package amounting to Rs 1.75 billion announced by the federal government will be effective from June 1 ,2016 (Wednesday) at all Utility Stores Corporation (USC) outlets across the country to provide subsidized items specially to the lower segment of the society during the holy month of Ramazan.

Utility Stores Corporation was established in July 1971, by taking over 20 retail outlets from the Staff Welfare Organization. Passing through various stages of expansion and reorganization, the Corporation at present is operating 5,939 stores throughout the Country. According to USC sources, utility ghee/oil would be available from Rs 115-125 per kg compared to 125-175 per kg market prices, gram pulse would be available at Rs120 per kg compared to 150-160 per kg in the open market, pulse moong (washed) on Rs148 per kg compared to Rs170-180 per kg while pulse mash (washed) would be available on Rs273 per kg compared to Rs280-290 per kg in the market. Utility Store Ramadan RElief Package 2016 List of products
Similarly, pulse masoor would be sold at Rs 115 per kg compared to Rs 160-180 per kg in the market, white gram at Rs 115 per kg compared to Rs 160-180 per kg in the market, gram flour at Rs120 per kg against Rs155-160 per kg, black gram at Rs110 per kg against Rs140-145 per kg, Sella broken at Rs40 per kg compared to Rs55-60 per kg whereas mash shell per kg would be available at Rs 258 compared to Rs270-280 per kg.

Likewise, Masoor (whole) would be provided at Rs 120 per kg against Rs 145-155 per kg, dates at Rs 160 per kg against 200-240 per kg, Rice (super basmati) at Rs 72 per kg against Rs 80 to 100 per kg, rice (super sella) at Rs72 per kg against Rs 80-100 per kg, broken rice would be available at Rs 48 per kg against Rs 55-60 per kg, squashes and syrups (1500ml) at Rs 265 against Rs 295, squashes and syrups (800ml) at Rs 152 against Rs 170, black tea at Rs 603 per kg against Rs 690 per kg, milk (tetra pack) at Rs 102 liter kg against 110 per liter while all USC spices would be available on 10 percent discount.

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