Veena Malik one of the lowest paid actress in Bollywood movies

The controversial queen of Pakistan, Veena Malik, is one of the most popular names in India and the main reason behind is obviously her cheap publicity stunts. However, as per the sources the latest ‘drama queen’ in the Bollywood town is actually one of the lowest paid actress.

Veena Malik is well known for controversial issues and for this unique quality she has been given title of ‘The Drama Queen of Bollywood’.

Lollywood’s actress Veena Malik had made many claims about her success in Bollywood but her one Indian friend has revealed that recently she has signed an Indian movie on unbelievable payment of  rupees one hundred thousand (Rs. 100,000) only.

Apparently it is unbelievable but the Drama Queen of Bollywood is an expert of doing things beyond belief.


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