Warid Telecom Launches 789 Services in Pakistan

Lahore: Warid Telecom, the country’s most popular cellular service in its continued efforts as a responsible organization, has proved to be at the top in successful implementation of PTA’s new pre activation regime. Warid has one of the largest distributions channel and Contact Center network in the country, allowing it to offer wide accessibility and exceptional customer services across Pakistan. The successful launch of 789 by Warid Contact Center is a milestone achieved by both PTA and Warid. It will certainly help reducing the sales of illegal SIMs and will be a positive step to decrease the crime rate in the country.

PTA’s Director General of enforcement, Mr. Yawar Yaseen visited the Warid call centre at Lahore with few other officials. They checked the quality of service over there and got satisfaction about this service. According to him this system will be continued with the help of online e-CSAF automatic system. With it we could control the usage of national ID card and the SIM cards retailers.

Through 789 services the new SIM card buyer has to call on this number to activate its number after giving few answers to the asked questions by the competent authority. These questions normally relate with the families of that person who wants to active the new SIM card. The 789 service is free of cost and it is an effort of PTA to stop the usage of unauthorized SIM cards in the country. It is witnessed that most of the crimes involves the unregistered or unauthorized mobile numbers. After this service it will really help to reduce the crime rate in the country and it will give an easy access to the law enforcement authorities towards the crimes and criminals. PTA is working on few other projects as well to create a better communication environment in Pakistan.


  1. how to send sms to 789

  2. wasnt warid using 789 sim activation before?
    how sims were activating then?

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