Why Katrina Kaif opted an arranged marriage?

Katrina Kaif wants an arranged marriageMUMBAI: Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif has reportedly asked her mother to look for a suitable groom after failing many times in her love life.

Tired of her romantic failures, Katrina has now decided to stay away from industry wallahs in matters of the heart. In fact, Mumbai Mirror has learnt, that the actress has asked her mother to ‘arrange’ a suitable boy for her.

A close friend of the actress revealed, “Katrina has told her mother to find her a guy. She has decided to go with whatever ‘momma says’.”

Katrina Kaif might have had a successful run at the box office but the same cannot be said about her love life. Following the big Khan fallout on her birthday, the actress had decided to give up on her romance with Salman Khan. Following her first big break-up, the actress was dating Ranbir Kapoor but that too didn’t go anywhere.

After failing miserably on the romantic front, now Katrina has decided to stay away from the industry as far as matters of the heart are concerned. If reports are to be believed, Katrina is ready to settle in for an arranged marriage and has asked her mum to look for a suitable groom for her.

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