‘Ainak Wala Jin’ part 2 coming soon in PTV

Ainak Wala Jin Part 2

Famous drama serial of PTV “Ainak wala Jin” sequel is going to start on PTV from upcoming Eid ul Azha. The series will begin on Eidul Azha and the first play will be titled “Nastoor Jin ki Wapsi”

“We will start the series from where the first part ended.” The series is starting again to provide fun in a healthy environment for persons belonging to all age groups, including children, women and men, “said Shahzad Qaisar, who played the central character of Ainak Wala Jin in the first part.”
Qaiser said that viewers can enjoy the scenic beauty, including attractive places of Azad Kashmir and other parts of the country in the series.The game will have a lot of fun and entertainment for the spectators as his writer Tariq Sahili has made a conscious effort to give opportunity to humor and entertainment for them in a healthy atmosphere.
Qaiser said also that launched the series according to the demands of the people who were tired of seeing “indecent” dialogues and negativities portrayed on television in the name of entertainment.
Almost the entire team of the series will be the same, except those actors who had to be replaced due to their age and other issues, said and added that Idrees Adil will be the director while Shafqat Cheema will serve the role of the villain.The series will begin in Eidul Azha and the first work will be entitled “Nastoor Jin ki Wapsi”, expected Qaiser.

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