Charizma Fall/Winter Collection 2013-14 by Riaz Arts

Charizma Fall - Winter Dresses Collection 2013 for women (21)
Charizma is a new and emerging fashion brand of Pakistan that is working in the country for providing best dresses to women. In very short time it has gain lot of success and name in the fashion industry.
Charizma has come up with new mesmerizing Charizma Fall / Winter Collection 2013-14 Vol 1 for women. This collection has consists of shirts, shalwar. All shirts are adorned with nice prints & embroidery on front & borders & some shirts are embellished with embroidered back motifs. Printed shawls & plain shalwar are included. Lets have a quick look…….



  1. i just bought Riaz arts charizma winter collection in their 1st volume cover page dress (skin, balck with pink and green dopata). they are just snatching the money from the customers. their clothes are not worth of the price of even Rs. 1000. as the colours of the clothes are faded away in just one wash. and when u go to the leading brand names who are selling their clothes they straightly say no to the buyer and says that the company do not accept the responsibility of anything. clothes are not in warranty. we are not responsible. can not do anything for you…and if we return these clothes to the comapny they will not return you defected suit back to you… so please we can not do any thing except mercy on you.
    can Riaz arts company please reply for such queries if their outlet/ shopkeepers are not taking responsibility?

    i am waiting for the reply.

  2. they are good .please bring some cloth green in colour

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