Dawood Classic Lawn Collection 2012 By Dawood Lawns

In every summer, Dawood Lawns presents a very wide variety of lawn collections and separate cataloguesRecently Dawood Lawns has launched beautiful summer lawn prints by “Dawood Classic lawn 2012“. Dawood Lawns is a famous product of Dawood textiles. In Dawood Classic lawn 2012, beautiful and sophisticated summer lawn prints and cool colors are included like yellow, orange, pink, white, blue etc. Many latest summer dress designs are also included in Classic lawn 2012 catalogue. Mostly long to medium length are included with stylish long neck and border printing. The feature model for Dawood Classic Lawn collection 2012 Catalogue is famous PTV Actress & Model Saba Qamar. Do visit Dawood textiles official website for more inf about price and order detail. Lets have a quick look at Dawood Classic Lawn 2012 for summer season…

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  1. boht bakwas lawn..dont buy.

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