Employees Pay and Pension Increase 12-20% in Budget 2014-15

Employees Pay and Pension Increase in Budget 2014-2015

Employees Pay and Pension Increase in Budget 2014-15 – Salaries Inreases Chart

Islamabad :: Spokesman of Federal Finance Ministry has denied that there is any final decision of increase in salaries of government employees. News Regarding Increase in Salaries in 2014-15 Budget have been published in various daily papers. These Newspapers covered the statement of the Finance Minister that the employees don’t hope for the increase in salaries in the coming budget 2014-2015.

Salaries Increases in Budget 2014-2015 Full Chart

Govt Employees Salaries Increases in Budget 2014-2015 ::

According to sources Nawaz Sharif government is planning for increase in pension and pay of employees from 12% to 20. Low grade employees will get more percentage and higher scale employees will receive less percentage increase. Old Pensioners will get maximum increase in pension and new pensioners will get less increase in pension.

According to sources, Ishaq Dar told to EAC that opposition suggested an increase of 30%, however it is not possible due to prevailing economic condition of Pakistan. Prime Minister of Pakistan and Federal Cabinet will take final decision keeping in view the inflation rate and miseries of salaried class..

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