Kayra Latest Summer Abaya Collection 2012

Kayra Latest Abaya - Hijab Collection 2012 For Women -001

Recently Kayra has launched Latest Abaya / Hijab Collection 2012 for Muslim Girls and Women. Kayra is brand of Turki was founded since 1992. Kayra has introduced high fashion Abaya / Hijab with elegant embroidery, beads and motifs. In 1998 the company has extended its production palette by the production of the dresses, skirt, trousers, jackets, scarves, mantles, coats and overcoats for women. Kayra Abayas line includes Casual, Formal and Bridal Abayas. Latest fashion trends of bell bottom sleeves, double press shirts, scarves with trouser etc are uniquely added in Kayra Abayas which look very elegant. Lets have a look at latest Abaya / Hijab Collection 2012 for women by Kayra.

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  1. I love the way you can incorporate fashion while keeping them modest.

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