Kayseria Wonders Of Winter Fall Collection 2012

Kayseria Latest Women's Wonders Of Winter Fall 2012-13 Collection -9

Kayseria by Bareeze is a fashion label by Sefam Groups Pvt. Ltd who has been offering unique fashion dresses since year 1985. Kayseria, Exclusive Prints by Bareeze brings for Pakistani women premium quality fabrics. Bareeze, Minnie Minors, Leisure Club, Home Expressions, Chinyere & Kayseria are the products by Kayseria. Every season it offers fabrics with dazzling designs, which are sold out quite fast.

Kayseria is back with Kayseria winter collection 2012 for young and modern girls. Kayseria winter collection 2012 has launched with a label of Wonders of Winter. Kayseria winter collection 2012 is divided into three categories. First is On Heritage which includes prints inspired by the Heritage of Swat and Kashmir Valley. The second one is named Tribal Beats, which is inspired by Tribal Arts. The last one is titled a nifty natureand has been inspired by nature. Accessories have been included in this collection also. All the prints of Kayseria winter collection 2012are nice in their own way. This collection consists of latest technology of screen printing and digital printing has been used. Kayseria brings for you the Wonders of Winter 2012. Now available at all stores nationwide!

Just wait a bit here and have a look at this mind blowing winter collection by Kayseria here below.

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