KPK Budget 2012-13 Detail Chart, Increased 20 in Salaries

Peshawar : In the budget speech delivered at the provincial assembly on Friday, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Finance Minister Muhammad Humayun Khan essentially listed off some of the government’s political achievements before essentially reading out the entire budget document, numbers and all.

The minister in the budget speech he announced to increase of Pay Govt Employees by 20 percent.

Pensioners Pension will increased 20% in Budget 2012-13. Scale Revision not announced in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Budget 2012-13.

KPK Budget 2012-13 Assembly story detail

Last year, a budget of Rs294 Billion was proposed.

Expenditure details of the next year 2012-2013 were as follows:

Health: Rs10.33 billion

Education: Rs6.07 billion

Police: Rs23.56 billion

Irrigation: Rs2 billion

Vocational education: Rs1.73 billion

Environment: Rs1.11 billion

Development: Rs2.45 billion

Pension: Rs210 million

Provincial Government Salaries: Rs83.83 billion

Wheat subsidy: Rs2.5 billion

Loans: Rs9 billion

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    gilani sharam karo 20% tankhwa main ezafa k sath 2 gun man be dai detai

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