Lollywood Actress Saima Gets Film Offer from India

Pakistan film famous actress and wife a famous Pakistani film director Syed Noor, Saima has received a film offer from India.

A report said that the actress got an offer from Iqbal Dhaloon, India’s prominent Punjabi film producer, to work in a new Indian Punjab film.  However, Saima has sought some time from the producer to answer the offer.

It is pertinent to mention here that Saima and her husband Syed Noor are the strong opposition of Indian films screening in Pakistan.

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  1. hi and whats the point of Syed Noor and Saima being against indian movies when syed noor goes to indian to direct indian films so i dont understand why would he not want indian moives in cinima in pakistan. he should make up his mind for money he can go and direct films in indian when indian never want to play pakistani moives in their cinima. we should keep our words to our self.

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