Moon Sighted in Saudi Arabia Eid on Thursday August 8, 2013

Saudi Arabia ::  Saudi Arabia’s Supreme Court announced on wednesday night that even after it asked citizens to report the Shawwal moon was sighted in Saudia Eid on 8 August Thursday and also Golf Countries (UAE) , the Gulfnews reported.Shawal Moon Sighted in Wazaristan

According to official moon-sighting committees, Muslims in the UAE and Saudi Arabia will celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr on Thursday as Shawal moon sighting on Wednesday evening here.

Supreme Court would now convene for a meeting on Wednesday to sight the moon. According to the authorities, the moon-sighting committees had received many evidences, the Muslim festival would be celebrated in Saudi Arabia and UAE on Thursday.

Earlier, the Saudi Supreme Court had urged the public to search for the crescent moon on Tuesday night, which had sparked confusion.

If moon had been sighted on Tuesday, Ramazan would have ended on day 28, one day short of the minimum lunar cycle, which is followed in the Islamic calendar. Lunar months either consists of 29 or 30 days.

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