Nadra to launch fresh smartcard

Chairman of the National Registration and Database Authority (Nadra) Tariq Malik has said that the Nadra will issue a new smart card having 36 features.

Talking to a private news channel, he said that it would be the safest and secured card because it cannot be replicated. He said a chip would be fixed in the card which helps government to provide all out facilities like health, life insurance and donation in case of calamity to the people.
Tariq Malik said Germany and Belgium have made experience of such smart cards and now Pakistan is also in a position to launch such smart card.
He said price of new card would not exceed the price of prevailing card. He said Pakistan is preparing identity management system for Nigeria and civil registration programme for Sudan is also in progress.
Malik said NADRA has prepared driving license of Bangladesh, passport of Kenya, refuge system of United Nation and Pakistan poverty support card for World Bank.
Nadra is among fifty top class identity companies in the world, he stated adding that international propaganda will be launched when Nadra defeats international competitors.


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