Nail Color Ideas & Latest Pictures For Eid-ul-Fitr 2012

Latest Stylish and wonderful Eid Nail Arts Designs 2012 For Young Girls -4

This Eid, the focus is basically on the nail patterns and nail colors that have been a buzz this summer. As Eid-ul-Fitr is coming in the summers this year, the nail trend is mostly inspired by summer colors. Yellow, shocking pink, red, fuchsia, orange are the colors of this summer.

And also have a look on some stunning nail art designs for Eid-ul-Fitr 2012 which are for both long and short nails, these nail art pictures contains best nail art ideas for you.

•    Racing Manicure Stripes

Racing manicure stripes gives an energizing look. Racing manicure stripes gives a very different look and it’s not common like other nail patterns.

•    Red Nail Polish

Your Eid outfit is incomplete without a cherry red nail color. Cherry red nail color not only looks chic and seductive but also looks very traditional.

•    Mellow-Yellow

As Eid is visiting us in summer, yellow nail color will look trendy with Eid clothes. Yellow nail color not only looks classy with casual dresses but also with semi-formal outfits.

•    Dirty Orange

If you are planning on wearing a colorful traditional kurti with khussas, orange nail color will give it a chic look. Go for an orange color which suits your skin tone.

•    Reverse French Manicures

One of the hottest trends of the summer season is the reverse French manicure. This tip-trend is turned upside down and also looks very traditional. Due to its traditional appeal, the reverse French manicure is the perfect nail trend for Eid-ul-Fitr.

•    Nude Colors

Nude colors are for those people who have a decent personality. If they put on light and flashy colors, they are unable to carry it. So, even on occasions like Eid, they should prefer nude nail colors.

•    Ombre Manicure

Subtle shade shifting on fingers gives hand a perfect and a must have look this Eid. Ombre manicures could be done with dark and light shades of nail color but dark colors look more prominent and chic.

•    Clean & Simple Manicures

Clean and simple manicures give a very elegant look to your nails. They can be carried with anything on Eid whether it’s a plain elegant white frock or bright colored kurti with jeggings.

•    Electric Turquoise

Just like all other neon colors, electric turquoise looks very funky on nails. Electric turquoise is for those who stay up to date with the latest fashion trends on Eid.

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