Nishat Linen Spring Summer Collection 2013 For Women

Nisha Spring Summer Lawn Dresses 2013 For Women By Nishat Linen (5)

One of the most successful and well recognized Pakistani clothing brands worldwide, Nishat has made a name for itself because of their rigorous quality control and an army of talented in-house designers. Women fabrics are provided under the name Nisha. The name for the menswear brand of Nishat Linen is NaqshNisha Princess and Naqsh Prince is the brand for kids. Here we are going to share you some latest collections of Nishat Linen Spring / Summer 2013.

Nishat spring summer collection 2013 designs can be divided into 6 categories based on the fabric. These categories are silk brochia, ruffle chiffon, voile, plain chiffon, charmouse chiffon and embroidered chiffon. In this collection for women spring – summer dresses 2013 beautiful and light color stylish clothes are included. The vibrant patterns and designs on Nishat linen fabrics are very attractive. Do make over your spring – summer wardrobe and included beautiful, trendy and elegant nishat linen spring/summer collection 2013. Nishat fabrics or nisha lawn 2013 are also perfect for college, university or working women of Pakistan. Now lets have a look at Nishat linen spring / summer complete collection 2013 for women.

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