Noor Jehan’s daughter Zil e Huma passes away in Lahore

Zill e Huma Daughter of Noor Jehan died

The youngest daughter of legendary singer Noor Jehan, Zil-e-Huma has died here on Friday (today).

Zil-e-Huma was admitted a local hospital in Lahore where she was receiving medical treatment.

She was also hospitalised at Agha Khan Hospital, Karachi before she was shifted to Lahore reportedly about eight to ten days ago.

Zil-e-Huma was suffering from sugar and kidney problems. It is said that she was put on a ventilator few days ago. 

Her leg was also amputated due to high sugar level.

She is survived by four sons Mohammad Ali Butt, Ahmed Ali Butt, Mustafa Ali Butt and Hamza Ali Butt and one daughter.

Huma died at the age of 70.

She was a proud daughter as once she said in an interview, “I was lucky because I was raised by a mother who had ruled the music industry for almost half a century.”

Her funeral prayers will be offered in Lahore after Friday prayers. 

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  1. I meet both mother daughter at unfortunate place both r v good. Allah blessed her soul.
    The whole Asia knows them. As a pakistani I feel proud.

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