On Strike: Three Children Died at NICH During Nurses Boycott

KARACHI: While the nurses and junior paramedic staff are still on strike, one more child died at the National Institute of Child Health (NICH) in Karachi, taking the death toll to a total of three.

The Professional Nursing Association says it will continue with the protest until their demand for a pay increase is not met.

Patients specifically those in the pediatric wards have been severely affected by the strike. The Director of NICH Dr. Jamal Raza clarified that work was being affected due to the nurses strike, however that was not the reason for the death of the children. Raza added that the children who had passed away were severely ill.

The protesting nurses and paramedic staff has announced that due to the situation in the city and the patients suffering, regular staff will be present in emergency wards.

The leaders of the nursing association maintain that their protest will only end when the pay rise is approved not with the formation of committees.

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