Pakistan Railways To Operate Three Eid Special Trains Service

Pakistan Railways is all set to begin service of three special trains for Eid from Thursday, however, the trains will have no air-conditioned compartments.

According to Railways sources two Eid specials will be operated from Karachi and one from Peshawar.

They said that the first Eid special will leave Karachi Cantonment Station for Peshawar on August 16 while another Eid Special will be operated from Karachi Cantonment Station to Lahore via Faisalabad on August 17.

Both the Eid special trains to be composed of 12 coaches each would include Economy class.

The third Eid special train, to be composed of 10 coaches, will leave Peshawar for Lahore on August 18.

The passengers planning to take the train to visit their homes on Eid have protested against the absence of air-conditioning in all the three trains.

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