Pakistan vs Australia Cricket Series 2012 Schedule

Pakistan vs Australia 2012 is scheduled to begin from August 25, as per the schedule released by the International Cricket Council, and adhered by the cricket boards of both these countries. Pakistan vs Australia 2012 will be the third series in a year that will he hosted in the neutral venue of UAE.

Australia and Pakistan will indulge in the 50 over and 20 over format of the game during the August-September period.

The schedule of the series is given below:

ODI Series:

    Date                                              Match                                  Stadium/City

   28 Aug 2012                               1st-ODI                                    Abu Dhabi

31 Aug 2012                               2nd-ODI                                   Sharjah

03 Sept 2012                              3rd-ODI                                    Sharjah

T20 Series:

       Date                                                 Match                                    Stadium/City

05 Sept                                           1st – T20                                      Dubai

07 Sept                                           2nd – T20                                    Dubai

10 Sept                                           3rd – T20                                     Dubai

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