Pakistani TV Actress Tahira Wasti Passes Away

Prominent Film and TV actress, Tahira Wasti has died at the age of 68. She was the wife of TV actor Rizwan Wasti and the mother of actress Laila Wasti.

Tahira gained prominence by playing characters that were either princesses or dignified women. She started her career in 1964 at Pakistan Television.

She acted in lead roles in drama serials such as Kashkol, Aakhri Chatan, Shama, Shaheen and Fishaar.

She was wife of Syed Rizwan Wasti, a famous television and film actor who died last year. He was also English newscaster.
‘Afshan’ and ‘Aakhri Chatan’ were among the best drama serials of Tahira Wasti.

She was also a writer and had her first story published at the age of 16.

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