PTA has decided to cancels all night call packages

PTA has decided to cancel all night packages on mobile phones as its destroying our youth.

A Senate’s Standing Committee on Cabinet Division has asked Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to stop all night packages, offered by cellular companies for cheap hourly calls (usually at Rs. 1-3 per hour) or even free calls at a fixed nominal daily charge.

They want to do it early but could not do it but now this time they decided to Shut Down all the Night Packages which includes both the calls and Message packages, so Now all the packages will be limited to 7 PM. Time is not yet finalized but it is near by 7 PM. Here Below Is The Video


  1. Late night packages Pakistan mein band hone chahye, youth kharab ho rahi hai

  2. Excellent decision to really serve and save the youth.

  3. great decision taken by PTA, it has taken late but no matter still appreciable decision.

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